Executive & Employee Living Quarters, Extended Stay Motels, Student Housing, Offices, Affordable Housing, Residential Houses, Group Homes, Work Force Residences, Multi Family Housing, and More!

        Our company Milestone Energy Services has great modular homes and buildings available for quick transportation & setup at your location.  The majority of our buildings are built & certified to International Building Code (IBC).  We have been providing housing in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado for companies like Halliburton & Baker Hughes for over ten years.  Currently, we are working with colleges to provide premium housing for college students.

Please Contact Us with any questions relating to the buildings shown on our site.  In addition to these buildings, we are able to construct new buildings designed to accommodate your exact needs.

Browse the buildings pages for more details, photos, and floorplans.

We have been told by employers, inspectors, and city officials that they appreciate the well designed and constructed buildings we provide to their communities.